May 14, 2011

What's going on at the Tumbleheads...

In january this year I started up an animation studio together with Peter Smith, in Viborg, Denmark. We called it "Tumblehead". It's been a truly delightful experience so far, and I've been lucky to be a part some really interesting projects. 

"The Children's World"
At the moment I'm storyboarding on Paw Charlie Ravn's "Børnenes verden" ("The Children's World"). Paw have earlier made the short films "Nima" and "Two friends", where the last of the two got him a "Robert" (Danish version of academy awards), for the category "Best short Fiction".
I'm boarding together with the amazing Mads Juul, and the banjo playing, and extremely talented, Peter Smith.
The film is being produced by "Eyecandy Film".

Length: 25 min
Medium: 2D animation
Still from the pilot of "The Children's World"

"Final Call"
I was lucky to meet the incredible and lovely Sara Barbas in January when she was in Viborg for the ASF course. During the stay she found out about the "Open Workshop", and she applied to get funds to make pitch material for her new short film project "Final Call", which she has written and is directing herself. Her application was of course granted, and now she's back in Viborg, yay! I've been helping out with brainstorming character designs for the film. The deadline for the found Sara is applying to is mid next week. Fingers crossed!!

Lenght: 15 min
Medium: 2D animation

A mix of Sara's and my sketches during a "brainstorm dinner".

"The set-up"
Short-film, produced by Tumblehead.
From the homepage:

Is it all really about finding the meaning? The dinosaurs didn't, and look what happened to them! Is there a God and does it in fact matter? How come the ansver to existence is hidden from us and what would happen if we were to uncover it?

A conspiration-theroretical short animated fictional nightmare.
A tumblehead production in developement.

We have been very lucky to have Sara Barbas on board to help us out writing a beat board and maybe a treatment as well. We've also got some funding from the Open Workshop to be used on developing the story. If we are lucky we'll get Mads Juul on board for brainstorming and drawing out a beatboard. Let's see what happends :)

Length: Unknown at this stage
Medium: 3D/CGI, Stopmotion/claymation, handdrawn.

 Concept art for "the Set-Up", by Magnus Møller


Dionysis Douliakas said...

Very interesting stuff going on up there!! You seem to be quite busy these days!

Looking forward to see what comes next! :)

Mark Kjærgaard said...

Ser rigtig spændende ud Magnus. Held og lykke med alle projekterne!

Magnus I. Møller said...

Thanks guys :)
Looking forward to see the bachelor films Mark! Looks amazing so far.

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