Apr 23, 2013

Rob 'n' Ron - World Premiere!

If you're at FMX/ITFS feel free to drop by our studio presentation and be one of the first persons in the world to watch our new short film "Rob 'n' Ron".

Apr 21, 2013

Acro - Refinement

Todays progress... Still enjoying the course, learning a lot about dinosaurs, total awesomeness! Next up : Scales (and hopefully some polypaint and posing). By the way Acrocanthosaurus was quite big, up to 12 meters in lenght! Also it's a therapod (bird hipped Dinosaur), so it wouldn't be unlikely that it had some kind of feathers. You can find more info on the wikipedia page here.

Apr 14, 2013

Assignment 2 - Acrocanthosaurus

Turning the rough t-rex sculpt into an Acrocanthosaurus. Next up refinement of arms and feet, then adding skin details.

Apr 7, 2013


I just enrolled for a dinosaur sculpting course with David Krentz over at zbrushworkshops.com. The first assignment was to block out a t-rex, tons of fun!