Jul 14, 2008

Here's an animation test I ma
de last year when we had Greg Duffel over to teach us. It was a two weeks long assignment, we could use any character we wanted, and we had to animate to music. It was a great experience having Greg, he could so much stuff about animation. Not just the principles, but everything from how it was made back in the early days to all kinds of tips and tricks, not to mention all the stories :)

Jul 8, 2008

Design Class Assignments
Here are some of my hand-in's from Lawrence Marvit's (brilliant) design class last year.
Duration; one week.

Assignment: We where handed out some funky chololate ice cream (fresh from FØTEX) that we had to taste, and then make graphic representation of how we thought the taste look like if it would take a shape in space. In other words: Draw the taste :)

The design had to be flat, only pure black and pure white, solid shapes and last but not least; abstract.

Assignment: Make an abstract design that sais "science fiction". Has to be black/white, flat, abstract. This was later reffered to as "the stoner drawing". Wonder why hehe.

Assignment: Volume. Drawing missing. :(

In the last assignment we got to do an illustration for the fairytale "the Ginger Bread Man". No rules in this one, other than that we had to use all the stuff we had learned from the previous days.

I decided to make an illustration from the place where the little gingerbreadman is chased through the woods by a big nasty pig.

My thumbnails for the last assignment...