Aug 25, 2010

Caricature Course
I'm taking a caricature course over at Every week I get a lecture and an assignment that has to be handed in, which I get a personal critique from the teacher (Jason Seiler). It has been really great so far, I feel I'm learning a lot for every assignemt. The lectures are great too, highly recommended.

Here's some of the drawings I've handed in so far:
(Some better than others, but that's hopefully a good thing :)

Aug 2, 2010

"Beetle und Cheval"

Old news, but me and my good friend Peter Smith won the 48 hour 3D animation JAM in Stuttgart in May this year :D It was arranged by the Stuttgart Trickfilm festival, and there where six teams with two participants each, from countries such as Egypt, USA, UK, Austria and Denmark.

The "short" was made entirely in Maya, using polygon objects and surface shaders. The final version is a playblast. No rendering or post production was done in this project...