Sep 16, 2006

Staurday Zoo!

I went to Aalborg zoo today with three friends of mine from the school. It was a really nice trip, have to repeat it soon.

Tools; Acryl, Ink, Pen and Graphite...

Sep 14, 2006

Perspective week

This sketch is from todays perspektive class. Arh why does it have to be so hard to draw buildings...

Sep 5, 2006


I`m very exited right now. I`ve just startet my education two days ago. I was lucky to be accepted at "the Character Animation Education" (bachelor) at "the Animation Workshop" in Danmark. Jihu! Can`t wait to start learning this amazing craft. It`s going to be a lot of hard work and many hours by my light table the next three years, and I`m really looking forword to it :)

A quick sketch with acrylics and pen...
First post!

The last couple of years blogs has exploded in the animation community. For me it has been a great resource of inspiration. There are so mane awsome animation/character design-blogs out there! Thank you guys :D

Anyway, welcome to my blog! Hope you enjoy it.