Jan 15, 2008

Moleskin sketches
Here are a few of my scrimblings from my last sketchbook. They are drewn on the ferrey and on a fieldtrip to "Randers regnskov". The ferrey was espesially interesting I think because there's so many strange and funny people there. Every thing from old women playing on slots-manchines to truckers filling up their bags with cigarettes from the TAX-free shop.
P.s: I hope none of the victims of my caricatures will feel sad. I could have drawn them so you would've looked nice, but...well, you don't! No no no, sorry, they just turned out that way, and Christina Aguilera sais you're all beatiful!

Jan 10, 2008

I drew this little guy the other day. I basically based him on Calvin (from Calvin and hobbes... duh). So I have this little story for him, and planning to do a little 2D animation, but... Well it's probulary not going to happen, I know myself that good... Maybe :)