Nov 12, 2007

Schoolism - "Character design with Silver "

This fall I attended a character design course teached by the skilful Steven Silver (Kim Possible, the Clerks Animated, Danny Phantom,+++...). It was a 9 week course with one handin each week. It was a great experience, and I would defenately recommend it if you are interested in working with character design, no matter wich level you are at. Steven always has something to give you... I thougth I'd might post some of the drawings that I turned in. Here's the first assignment:

You can check out Schoolism here.

Assignment 1 - "Fat Joe"

The description given to us:

"You are to design a concept sketch of Fat Joe based on the play, The Long Voyage Home. Take it as far as you like.
Description:SCENE—The bar of a low dive on the London water front—a squalid, dingy room dimly lighted by kerosene lamps placed in brackets on the walls At the far end of the bar stands Fat Joe, the proprietor, a gross bulk of a man with an enormous stomach. His face is red and bloated, his little piggish eyes being almost concealed by rolls of fat. The thick fingers of his big hands are loaded with cheap rings and a gold watch chain of cable-like proportions stretches across his checked waistcoat."