Nov 10, 2009

Quick sketch in PS, using a photo as inspiration.

Oct 12, 2009

My armature is finally done :) Here's a test I made at Aardman during lunchbreakes. I was trying to give him some attitude, I think I can make the caricature much stronger though. Next time :)

Sep 20, 2009

Bouncing ball with tail...

and here's a sketch of the armature I ordered from John Wright Modelmaking in Bristol. It's hopefully going to be ready some time next week.

Aug 31, 2009

Internship at Aardman
I just arrived to Bristol two weeks ago for my internship at Aardman. I have to say it "good fun" and I'm learning a lot about stop-motion (or 3D-animation as they call it here, confusing). I didn't pay so much attention to stop-motion before I came over, but I have to say being here really opened my eyes up wide. I think I found myself a new favourite animation medium :) So the "only" thing I have to do now is to learn it :)

I bought a webcam some days ago and found a freeware animation progra
m and I have started to do some tests with plastecine. I havn't done any acting yet, just testing out animation principles and techniques like timing, spacing, overlap, stagger etc... It's not much yet, but here's my first attempt :)

At the moment I'm in the modeling department of Aardman, and enjoing it very much. This week I'm going to start to build my own puppet. I will buy the armature from another studio in Bristol, and then model the plasticine on top of that. Here's the deisgn for my "man":

(and it's abstract, so don't get any ideas...)

Aug 23, 2009

Elk Hair Caddis

Hi! Finally our graduation film is done! This is a little story about two neighbours and a fly called "Elk hair caddis".

We where mainly a group of four, but in the last month before the summer break we grew up to eight persons working full time doing particle effects, lighting and rendering. Thanks to everyone helping out, espesially you fantastic CGI guys:
Ole Guldbrandsen (cg water research and shader development, lighting, rendering)
Andreas Thomsen ( lighting, rendering, and water effects)
Louie Ishii (lighting, rendering, texturing)
Frederik Valentin (effects research, water and dust effects, lighting, rendernig)

The main group consited of:
Peter Smith (Animation Supervising, rigging, Animatic, Music Supervising, sets photoshoot, render, lighting, compositing)
Alice Holme (Animation, 3D backgrounds, modeling, character design, Animatic, colorboard, compositing )
Anders Jeppsen (Animation, BG/matte paintings, moped/car/submarine desing, sets making)
Magnus Møller (Directing, technical research, animatic, character design, modeling, texturing, animation, compositing)

Stay tuned for the first official screening at Viborg Fotorama 29th of January 2010! Hope to see you there :)